Friday, July 22, 2011

Better get tidying ...

This little corner has been very neglected of late. Studying and work have gotten in the way of a lot recently so not much happening.  In the mean time I have bought the Shapez component for the Creatopia as the latest toy for the craft room. Shapez is basically a die cutting machine so having fun cutting and embossing scraps of paper and card. There's something very definite and satisfying about that crunch as the die cuts through the card. I don't know sometimes it's the little things that amuse. 

Background is embossed, die cut flower shapes in different colours and textures layered.

Layering multiple die cut shapes.

Multiple die cut shapes using x-cut and nellies dies.

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Sweet Fairy said...

These are so beautiful. What an amazing project. I have chance to work for the Print VIP cards company and your project inspire me some more. I really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing.