Friday, November 26, 2010

Minty fresh

Heck it's gone cold. All the more reason to get the heating going and have a crafty weekend. Not sure it'll turn out quite like that but I have a four day weekend so there's a remote chance. 

However while I'm pondering and planning the weekend here's another catch up.  These lovely minty beads are painted glass pearl beads that I purchased at the recent craft show at the Kings Hall.


The necklace has been made using three strands of tigertail. All strands are threaded through the larger beads then threaded individually though small beads in between.


The bracelet is using a new technique where the beads are wired and linked together. I will be covering this technique in more detail in a new post. 


There are also some earrings using headpins and fish hook earring findings.  

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bead addict said...

These are gorgeous :-)