Friday, September 24, 2010

Paper beads

Making beads with paper. Can be made from any paper and very effective using junk mail, magazine pages, wallpaper.

Materials and Tools:  Paper, Glue Stick, Dowel or cocktail sticks, Ruler, Pen/pencil, scissors/trimmer

Take piece of paper and make a mark 1/2” along one side, then make marks at 1” intervals. On the opposite edge mark at 1” intervals.
Score from the marks on one side to the other resulting in long triangles.
Cut along the scored lines so that you have the triangle shaped strips of paper.

Glue a narrow strip along the base of the triangle, on the wrong side of the paper. Place the dowel on the paper and fold the glued edge over to stick to the paper on the other side of the dowel. The dowel is there to provide the hole in the bead and should not be glued to the paper.  You should have something that looks like a pendant flag. 
Put glue on the wrong side of the paper down to the point. Continue to roll the paper around the dowel.
Slip the bead off the dowel and allow glue to dry. Applying a coat of varnish will help to protect the bead and make it stronger.  

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